Snapshots from Real Life: Personal Stories to Warm the Heart and Tickle the Funny Bone

About the Book
Six exciting authors from the United States and Canada share stories from their personal lives.

Come along and experience what it’s like to prepare for a hurricane in south Florida, start out on a Europeon adventure with two small children and a husband in tow, or swim in a clay pit in Texas (hint: if Grandpa comes with you, be sure he keeps his mouth closed when jumping in).

You’ll even get tips for finding four-leaf clovers, plus, you’ll learn what the car you drive says about you.

Some of these tales will tickle your funny bone while others will warm your heart.

Either way, you’ll probably recognize something of yourself and your own life in every one of these “snap shots” from real life.

Watch the trailer for this book here:

Snow Day

snow day

About the Book
It snowed all night and now every kid’s winter wish has come true.
School has been cancelled for the day.
It’s a snow day.